Favorite Fox – Behance Portfolio Reviews Belo Horizonte

FaF | 31 May 2016, 00:22 | NC

We are proud to introduce our new Favourite – “Behance Portfolio Reviews Belo Horizonte” by Marco Vincit.

Marco Vincit at GUAJA

With Marco Vincit at GUAJA

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Favorite Fox – Renate Rechner

FaF | 14 May 2016, 02:01 | NC

We are proud to introduce our new Favourite Fox – “Renate Rechner” by Daniel Spatzek.

Renate Rechner is an austrian psychologist with a focus on positive psychology. Her official website is an unique experience based on the slogan “CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE”.

Here are a few screenshots, but you will have to see it yourself if you really want to enjoy the great talent of Daniel.

Change your perspective.
Discover new aspects, the positive, improvement, new growth in your life.

Change your perspective

Change your perspective  Renate Rechner

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Favorite Fox – Vincit Beer

FaF | 26 Apr 2016, 00:35 | One Comment

We are proud to introduce our new Favourite Fox – “Vincit Beer” by Marco Vincit.

“Vincit Beer is a gift for my clients, partners and also my friends. It was conceived to celebrate all 2015’s victories and to celebrate the arrival of 2016. It is also a tribute to the poet Publius Virgilius Maro, whose quotes served as inspiration to my last name. It represents my best wishes to everyone who’s by my side, every day, learning and achieving amazing things together.”

Marco Vincit (beer.marcovincit.com/about)

“Winning is never being alone, growing comes as the result of our daily battles.”

Winning is never being alone, growing comes as the result of our daily battles

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News | 17 Apr 2016, 19:07 | NC

The new (Cssfox version 3) design for web designers community website is launched.

Welcome home Fox

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Winner certificate (new 2016)

News | 13 Apr 2016, 22:17 | NC

New design for our winner certificate is finished and ready to be presented to the winners. The design of the certificate has been developed following the new Cssfox design concept guidelines, that slowly, but surely distributes over all Cssfox materials.

The certificate composition based on AABA* struc… 32…

Virgin state

Please fill me up!

20 January 2016

Winner certificate 2016 Cssfox

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Fox Log new design

News | 11 Apr 2016, 18:48 | NC

Introducing new Fox Log platform design.

Fox Log platform design v3

Comparative analysis may be an interesting way to present a new design version. Following images contents major parts of the design v3 and its brother – design v2.

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Favorite Fox ⋆ Web Designer Juraj Molnár

FaF | 8 Mar 2016, 20:28 | NC

Web Designer Juraj Molnár by Juraj Molnár has been favorited on 8 March 2016.

We proud!

Favorite Fox Web Designer Juraj Molnár

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