infinite imaginations Tale

Fox Tales | 11 Dec 2016, 18:00 | NC

Hello world!

I am Nino Ross Rodriguez from the Philippines based in Australia as a senior UX developer. It is an honor and privilege that the team at Cssfox has selected my site as a Favorite Fox.


A portfolio is the reflection of one’s work. It shows the people how you think, how you conceptualize and how you execute. infinite imaginations’ concept came to be while I was working on a personal progressive web app project and noticed how beautiful Helvetica looked on the periodic table of elements.

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SliceCrowd Tale

Fox Tales | 30 Aug 2016, 00:15 | One Comment


“it took us 9 months to complete this project, so please enjoy it”
Stoyan Daskaloff (me), the designer of this

About the company

It’s simple.

When you are a UI designer you always want to have the best front-end developers working on your projects. However, most probably the best of them are already working in those kick-ass creative agencies. So, how do you find devs that can make your design look & work exactly the way you imagine it, and even beyond?

You go to – Front-End Dev for Creatives

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Fox Tale ⋆ Admir Hadzic Portfolio

Fox Tales | 5 Jan 2016, 13:20 | 4 Comments


Hello there,

My name is Admir. I am a multi-disciplinary designer from Slovenia, currently working as a UX Engineer @ Google in Munich, Germany. Before I share the concept and idea behind my work I would like to take a moment and thank the team from Cssfox for this outstanding opportunity and for featuring and supporting my work.


Presenting myself and my work was always one of the toughest tasks I could think of. I truly believe that you can judge a person, their approach on solving problems and mindset through the design language used in their work. That powerful expression is exactly what I tried to convey and bring to the broader audience.

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Alexander Engzell Portfolio

Fox Tales | 20 May 2015, 19:30 | 10 Comments

Alexander Engzell Portfolio was honored to receive Favorite Fox on 05 May 2015

Alexander Engzell Portfolio Favorite Fox

FoxTell by Alexander Engzell

My original inspiration when setting out to build my new portfolio was the guillotine, you see it clearly throughout the website.

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Hell’o Baby FoxTell

Fox Tales | 7 May 2015, 20:01 | NC

Hell’o Baby — Interactive baby album was honored to receive Favorite Fox on 05 May 2015

hell-o-baby Favorite Fox

FoxTell By Tim Raiter

The idea of this project was born when founders worked in big digital agencies and made some special projects for Pampers, Huggies and other manufacturers.

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Case Affinage

Fox Tales | 9 Mar 2015, 18:32 | 3 Comments

Hello, CSS-Fox and subscribers!

I am Igor Yakovlev, CEO of Affinage company. My colleagues and I would like to share the story of creating website with you and also talk about our personal ideas about it.

We are not the first to say that every respectable digital-agency needs to have their own website.

5 affinage FoxTell

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CSS-Fox design version 1

Fox Tales | 7 Mar 2015, 13:59 | NC

The first version of the CSS-Fox was launched 10/2014. Here are a few screenshots of this version.

1 FoxTell. CSS-Fox design version 1

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