Interview with Justin Lerner

Interviews | 11 Mar 2015, 23:09 | NC

I am interviewing Justin Lerner, graphic designer and a seasoned programmer from Philadelphia about his outstanding website and our Favorite Fox ā€“ JLern Design.


Fantastic idea for the layout! How you came up with such a different layout composition?


My main inspiration came from thinking about how a website wireframe looks before you begin the design phase. I like the simplicity of seeing all the building blocks of the website in a monotone color scheme before any content is added. There is beauty in the planning, and I wanted to bring that to life.

3. JLern_Design v.2 fragment

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Interview with Shin Min-Ho

Interviews | 28 Jan 2015, 22:06 | 2 Comments

I am interviewing Shin Min-Ho – web and graphic designer, artist and art director from Republic of Korea ā€“ about his Webpingstory. Webpingstory is one of our Favorite Foxes and it is a fantastic opportunity to get to know it a bit better.



First thing to be seen on your site entrance is “E-mo” art work. Why did you decide to show this particular work over others? Is the reason is that there is a special meaning personally to you or it is just your latest project?

Min-Ho Shin:

Oh, that is because “E-mo” is my latest project. While I was working on my new project, I just made this “E-mo” for fun to be refreshed.

emotion > E-mo. A personal work / character


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