The home page of our community on Google Search first page

News | 11 Feb 2017, 20:43 | NC

Just now the community Home page starts to appear on the first page of the Google Search.

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Cssfox on Google Search first page

News | 28 Jan 2017, 00:12 | NC

Finally our community website on the first page of the Google Search.

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The Screeners – custom nominee badge

News | 9 Jan 2017, 07:36 | NC

Guys from =freighter continue to surprise. The Cssfox nominee badge on The Screeners.

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Freighter – custom nominee badge

News | 26 Dec 2016, 16:34 | NC

First a little backstory about the color changing design.

Initially when we started working on the design for Freighter, we used the default black and white color scheme. Though, not everyone was satisfied with the black color arguing it was too boring and so new colors came to be.

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New Log emblem

News | 29 Aug 2016, 00:46 | 4 Comments

We have launched new version of the Log with some performance improvements and small design changes. The new logo for the Log probably the most recognizable part of the design change we have made.

Fragment (Illustrator)

New Fox Log logotype

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News | 17 Apr 2016, 19:07 | NC

The new (Cssfox version 3) design for web designers community website is launched.

Welcome home Fox

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Winner certificate (new 2016)

News | 13 Apr 2016, 22:17 | NC

New design for our winner certificate is finished and ready to be presented to the winners. The design of the certificate has been developed following the new Cssfox design concept guidelines, that slowly, but surely distributes over all Cssfox materials.

The certificate composition based on AABA* struc… 32…

Virgin state

Please fill me up!

20 January 2016

Winner certificate 2016 Cssfox

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Fox Log new design

News | 11 Apr 2016, 18:48 | NC

Introducing new Fox Log platform design.

Fox Log platform design v3

Comparative analysis may be an interesting way to present a new design version. Following images contents major parts of the design v3 and its brother – design v2.

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Case of plagiarism

News | 11 Feb 2016, 22:56 | 4 Comments

Comment (simply write – Do not!)/sign the petition to authorities of listed below web design galleries where the plagiarism was nominated and awarded.

Cssfox Petition. The case of plagiarism

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Fox 4 winner

News | 8 Feb 2016, 18:55 | 9 Comments

It is a special moment for the community. We are presenting our new winner – Admir Hadzic Portfolio by great artist Admir Hadzic.

Admir Hadzic Portfolio Fox 4 winner

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Favorite Fox certificate

News | 17 Jan 2016, 03:27 | One Comment

We are happy to introduce the new design of Favorite Fox official certificate.

Favorite Fox certificate in a virgin state

Cssfox official Favorite Fox certificate

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New Cssfox logo

News | 14 Jan 2016, 00:14 | NC

We would like to introduce new Cssfox logo design. We hope you enjoy it!


The new concept going to be soon applied to all existing design elements of the Cssfox. We are working hard :/

By the early spring we planning to launch new version of the community site and logo redesign is just a part of this process.

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