2D & 3D effects

News | 15 Apr 2015, 18:18 | NC

Just a few ideas I was playing with.

2D & 3D effects CSS-Fox logo

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The puzzle, Fox and triangles

News | 10 Mar 2015, 20:11 | NC

/* The Fox say – Join me @ CSS-Fox! */

CSS-Fox like a puzzle, where websites are puzzle’s parts. The puzzle provides me with a pretty good understanding of what modern web design is or at least partly.

1 CSS-Fox invitation ticket idea

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Winner Trophy Composition

News | 6 Feb 2015, 17:12 | NC

This is a second version of the CSS-Fox winner trophy (the first version is here). The elements of this composition – you will be surprised – comes from CSS. Comments, brackets, absolute position; I especially love the usage of the absolute value in this context,

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New Design for CSS-Fox

News | 4 Feb 2015, 22:34 | NC

New Gallery design (v2) is launched. You are welcome to visit the site.

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New Set of Nominee Badge Graphics

News | 27 Jan 2015, 23:16 | NC

Along with the new design for the CSS-Fox site we are also updating our nominee badges and other related designs.
Here is new set of the nominee badges for your Fox.

Post cover image
1 Post cover image

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News | 27 Jan 2015, 23:08 | NC

by Maxim Aginsky

A few variations of the CSS-Fox logo.
The first letter is not obvious “f”, as well as not obvious “tail”; ho ho ho…


1 CSS-Fox logo variations

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Original CSS-Fox Logo (archived)

News | 26 Jan 2015, 23:41 | NC

Here you will find CSS-Fox symbol, logo and logotype in two image file formats: SVG and PNG. You can download and use it for your Fox Logo idea or other CSS-Fox oriented cases.

Don’t be a real fox, but be a CSS-Fox!


SVG image format

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