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Favorite Fox certificate

Published 17 Jan 2016, 03:27
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Favorite Fox certificate

. . .

We are happy to introduce the new design of Favorite Fox official certificate.

Favorite Fox certificate in a virgin state

Cssfox official Favorite Fox certificate

A first Favorite Fox who has received the new certificate – Admir Hadzic, with his great portfolio website on 27 Dec 2015.


A few rules that guide the design

a. Simplicity and minimalism.
b. Informative instead of decorative design (in general we will try avoiding, as much as possible – usage of the decorative design elements across the system).
c. Usage of Cssfox color scheme.

We hope you will like it,
Cssfox team.

One Comment
  1. Patrick says:

    Great design, I like your style and how you combine it with color , look great:)

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