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Favorite Fox – Renate Rechner

Published 14 May 2016, 02:01

Favorite Fox – Renate Rechner

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We are proud to introduce our new Favourite Fox – “Renate Rechner” by Daniel Spatzek.

Renate Rechner is an austrian psychologist with a focus on positive psychology. Her official website is an unique experience based on the slogan “CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE”.

Here are a few screenshots, but you will have to see it yourself if you really want to enjoy the great talent of Daniel.

Change your perspective.
Discover new aspects, the positive, improvement, new growth in your life.

Change your perspective

Change your perspective  Renate Rechner

Renate Rechner

Renate Rechner Favorite Fox

The coming section appears upside down, then with help of rotating movement will be placed normally on other side of the canvas.


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Contact Renate Rechner

Definitely bulletproof!

Definitely bulletproof website Renate Rechner

Thank you Daniel for such an amazing piece of art.
Cssfox team.

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