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Fox 4 winner

Published 8 Feb 2016, 18:55

Fox 4 winner

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It is a special moment for the community. We are presenting our new winner – Admir Hadzic Portfolio by great artist Admir Hadzic.

Admir Hadzic Portfolio Fox 4 winner

“Presenting myself and my work was always one of the toughest tasks I could think of. I truly believe that you can judge a person, their approach on solving problems and mindset through the design language used in their work. That powerful expression is exactly what I tried to convey …”

– Admir Hadzic (Fox Tale 5 January 2016)


We would like to wish you a lot of great moments with your wonderful creations.

We proud!

Cssfox team.

  1. Admir Hadzic says:

    Thanks a lot, I’m truly honoured :D

  2. Oleg says:

    Very impressive work.

  3. Sharon says:

    Congrats @Admir!!!

  4. Sofi says:


  5. Jamayca says:

    Incredible creativity you definitely deserve it

  6. Nikolas says:

    You are definitely a worthy winner. Super :)

  7. Mike says:

    Dear Admir. I wrote you already once, and I saw now, that you won, I am happy for you. Congratulations. Mike

  8. Natalie says:

    Great work!!!

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