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Freighter – custom nominee badge

Published 26 Dec 2016, 16:34

Freighter – custom nominee badge

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First a little backstory about the color changing design.

Initially when we started working on the design for Freighter, we used the default black and white color scheme. Though, not everyone was satisfied with the black color arguing it was too boring and so new colors came to be.

However, because we ended up having way too many colors in the design we had to limit it to 3 colors per person resulting in 9 colors total. Keeping this story in mind, we arrive at our nomination from Cssfox. When we were notified about this we went ahead and checked out the Cssfox badge. On the page it told us we could create a custom one if we so desired and as a creative studio we really wanted to create our own. After some thinking, we simply used our color changing design to our advantage and integrated the badge into it. Using the vector badge and some CSS we were able to blend it into our design pretty well.



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